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Why Do Bathrooms and Toilets Need to Be Cleaned Regularly ? BATHROOM AND TOILET CLEANING SERVICES BANGALORE !!

Keeping your bathroom and toilets clean is a good way to show your customers and your employees that you are serious about your business image and your visitor’s health.
Keeping the bathroom and toilet cleaned can help eliminate unnecessary dust build up by sweeping and mopping every day, and by getting a full bathroom cleaning service including scrubbing, moping, and drying of the floor on a regular basis. ANZ DIRT BUSTER cleaning Services cleans with the highest quality cleaning machines and cleaning solutions.
As always our service is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will be performed with care for your facility.

Bathroom and Toilet cleaning services
• Bathroom cleaning services Bangalore: Clean and scrub all interior surfaces of toilets/urinals with a toilet bowl cleaner
• Bathroom cleaning services Bangalore: Wipe down all exterior surfaces, including toilet seats, with a disinfectant.
• Bathroom cleaning services Bangalore: Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, including door handles, light switches, countertops, partitions and dispensers
• Bathroom cleaning services Bangalore: Clean all mirrors with a glass cleaner to remove any fingerprints and marks
• Bathroom cleaning services Bangalore: Use a germicidal/acidic surface cleanser to wipe down the sinks and faucets and handles
• Bathroom cleaning services Bangalore: Dust mop, sweep and wet mop the floors, taking care to keep the mops, mop buckets, and solutions used as bathroom only items

Floor stripping and waxing
We will arrange for a floor technician to analyze the current condition for your floors and make recommendation for the best way to take care of your floor. Our technicians are experts in floor care maintenance when it comes to stripping, refinishing & buffing.