::ANZ Dirt Buster::

Resorts/Restaurant, Hotel Cleaning Service

    We want to make sure that your guest notices how immaculate your hotel and resort looks, so ANZ DIRT BUSTER Services performs to only the highest quality standards every day,works in partnership with your hotel management providing you the very best trained cleaning personnel and staffing. Because cleaning plays such a vital role in the marketing of your hotel, we implement a well managed and structured housekeeping quality control program with walk-through inspections on your property with your hotel management representative.


Our professional staff has experience in cleaning banks, small or large. Services offered include floor maintenance, restroom sanitizing, dusting, garbage removal and maintenance of food areas. Safety training for these facilities includes identifying hazardous safety violations and reporting suspicious activities to appropriate authorities. All personal go through thorough background checks prior to being hired.

Our staff and supervisors can maintain your offices, lobbies, entrances, conference rooms, restrooms, straining rooms and food areas to your standards.

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