::ANZ Dirt Buster::


We are ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

We have been in this cleaning business since 2009

Best Cleaning Company in Bangalore for the following reasons

• We give you the best rate for your qualified service requirements
• Respect your privacy and security
• Excellent Guaranteed service delivery
• Fully trained, professional and polite staff
• Flexible with your timings
• Treat your home and your belongings with care and respect
• Special support at your personal celebrations


Our Customer Philosophy

We show our gratitude to the thousands of Bangalore customers who call on us each year and give us our livelihood by providing them with the best cleaning in the business. These are the people we get out of bed for in the morning! Our relationship is one based on trust, dependability and pride in performing cleaning services that are second to none. We always want your feedback, your comments, even your criticism. These are the things that motivate us and make us strive to do better, every single day.

Our Environmental Commitment

Working in a business that uses hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis has made us rethink our approach to cleaning. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and Govt approved & licensed chemicals. We are committed to using quality materials and equipment, having a positive impact on the environment is our first priority.

Our Commitment to Ourselves

When speaking of noble professions, cleaning may not be the first one that comes to mind. We like to think of ourselves as a team of excellent but underappreciated mums. There may not be a lot of glory in it, but the feeling of satisfaction we get from doing our job well more than makes up for it. If we didn’t do something we could be proud of, we just wouldn’t do it!

Who We Serve

 Offices
 Corporate
 Residentials
 Restaurants
 Schools / Daycare Centers
 Medical Facilities
 Fitness Centers
 Retail Stores
 Hotels and Apartments
 Industrial / Manufacturing

Our Values

1) Customer, and NOT the market practices, is going to be our Focus
2) We shall use only Appropriate methods to clean and sanitize our customers’ facilities
3) Staff Training and Staff Hygiene will be our paramount priorities
4) We shall use Latest Cleaning Technology methods.

Our Motto

We shall always strive to be Relevant to our customers. We shall not worry about Ratings in the market as to who is No.1 or the Best in the Industry. We believe that positions can change but as long as we are relevant to our customers, we shall keep serving them.

Our Strategy

We want to create an environment which simply means to Create Uncontested Market space where we render the competition meaningless. This would be possible only if we deliver a different value proposition to our customers than the Industry practices. We make it possible through a service delivery method that 1) ensures Family’s health without exposing them to dangerous cleaning chemicals, 2) savings on Chemicals and cleaning supplies 3) Further savings due to reduced need for pest control as Steam Cleaning Kills Bed Bugs, Dust mites and eggs of cockroaches in addition to eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and 4) protecting the environment in which we and our posterity is to live.

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